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Ditch The Gut, Build The Butt

The Triple Threat Lifestyle Abs & Booty Challenge will help guide you in burning fat and building lean tone muscle definition. The objective of this challenge is to get you some quick wellness wins to look and feel your best in that bathing suit all summer long! This will help you shred the body while sculpting out that physique in a more targeted way that will pair together with your current fitness regimen. 

What You Get In This Challenge:

✅4 weeks of abs glute-focused workouts 

✅Detailed Fitness & Nutrition Programming 

✅Summer Shred Nutrition Guide 

✅Result Based Coaching Tips & Suggestions 

✅Recovery Regimen

✅Full Body Stretch Guide 

✅Foam Rolling Tutorial

Results You Can Achieve:

✅Tighter Tummy 

✅Lifted, sculpted, firmer booty 

✅Build lean muscle / lose body fat 

✅Reduce cellulite 

✅Build strength and endurance 

✅Stronger core 

✅Mind-body connection 

✅Chiseled physique/ aesthetics

$75 Value For Only 39.95!

Triple Threat Transformations

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