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The concept behind Triple Threat Lifestyle relies on an all-encompassing holistic-trifecta model based on my own personal transformation.


For me, balance is key to maintaining the Physical (body; what you see/do/are), Mental (mind; what you think), and Emotional (spirit; what you feel/make others feel) health we all deserve. Experiencing transformation in these 3 areas (the triple threat) in my own life has led me down the path to inspire and influence others.


No matter what your current routine is with your own personal health journey, I will meet you where you're at, to build a tailored experience for overall balance and sustainable wellness in life.  Let's build a team and work together to sculpt both the body, mind, and spirit.





Work with Coach Chelsea and get personalized help to meet your individual goals. 




When I first met Chelsea, I had not worked out in over 10 years.  I was starting at ground zero so to speak. In only 90 days she completely transformed my body! She is the absolute best coach/trainer I could hope for.  She made every single workout fun helped me reach each goal we had set at the beginning of the journey. Chelsea sticks right with you and you can feel her love for what she does and also you as her client. She kept me encouraged and knows how to be sure you push past the limitations you set on yourself. If you are ready for radical change and to feel the best you have ever felt, I highly recommend Chelsea! She is the missing piece to reaching your fitness and wellness goals! 


I wanted to be in better shape but more importantly, I wanted to make sure that my future kids had a dad that could play with them. I had to make some hard decisions with the 1st being to stay committed to the process that Chelsea was putting me through. I think the results speak for themselves. Thank you, Chelsea, for pushing me to another level of fitness and lifestyle!



This fitness journey is an experience that I needed to have in order to become the best version of myself. My entire life I’ve struggled with my weight and body confidence.


A couple of months ago I started going down a path that was not healthy by any means and would only lead to a lower self-esteem and sickness. I tried many times to lose weight by myself but I was never successful. It was only temporary. Chelsea has provided me with the guidance, knowledge, and support that I needed in order to take myself on a journey to be the best version of me; mind, body, and spirit.


Chelsea is extremely knowledgeable about her craft and truly believes in the success of all of her clients. I am forever indebted to her as she has shown me what I am capable of and I can’t wait to continue this ongoing journey with her. Extremely happy to be a part of the TRIPLE THREAT FAM! TTF Forever!


On May 22nd  I decided to get healthy by working out and changing our eating habits. The pics on the left are from  April 22, Masters graduation weekend I was at 207lbs. The pics on the right is Nov 12 and 176 lbs. I'll do the math for you, that's 31lbs lost in 5 1/2 months!

Thank you, Chelsea, for being the best trainer! She has helped me with my eating habits and always pushes me to reach that next level towards my fitness goals!


Now it’s time for the next phase of transformation! If I can do it you can do it! Just get started.



Dealing with health issues I knew I needed to make changes in my life to not just look better but to feel better. When you hit a breaking point you have two choices, 1) Go deeper into a harmful lifestyle or 2) Start a healthier lifestyle. I'm grateful that I found Chelsea who helped me not only start a healthy lifestyle but maintain it!


It is a process but it is worth it. As Chelsea always says, "If it's challenging you, then it's changing you", thanks for always challenging me to be the best version of me I can be.


I met Chelsea Cherry in October 2016. At this point, I was ready to change my body image and trying slowly to do it on my own. I had been overweight for the last 14 years.


While losing weight and getting in shape was a desire that I had, I could never stick with anything longer than a few weeks. In August 2016, I started walking regularly and immediately got bored with that.


One day I read a post in the next door app regarding access to a personal trainer. I reached out to the author of the post and met her the next day. This is how I began my transformation journey with Chelsea and The Triple Threat Lifestyle’s holistic wellness movement. 

I was scared and very nervous about going to workout with her; as in my mind, I failed so miserably the first day. If I didn’t get the check-ins from Chelsea via text at the beginning of this journey, I might have given up, because that would have been the easiest thing to do. It’s amazing how having someone to give you an extra push can change your mindset about fitness and health!


I started out training with Chelsea two days per week, progressing to working out a strong four days weekly. As a result, I have gained a stronger core, gained muscle and improved the way my body looks and feels.


I started a life-changing journey with  Triple Threat Lifestyle about 2 yrs ago. Consistently following and working hard with Chelsea was very rewarding! I dropped over 50 lbs and at least 8 inches in total while also learning correct exercise form, breathing techniques, and good eating habits.


Following up on my progress was not only important to me, but to her as well. She has a drive that gives you a sense of pleasure to meet goals in a healthy manner. I could go on and on about the commitment she gives, but most of all, the level of care she endures with you for your fitness goals is the most rewarding of all!





Based out of Orlando, FL.


Tel: 407-476-3273

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